ORG Newsletter Announcement Form

Announcement Information

This form's purpose is to allow internal and external stakeholders the opportunity to advertise upcoming events/programs to Mizzou's Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) through the Organziation Resource Group's (ORG) monthly newsletters. ORG sends out newsletters on the 1st of every month.

The Organization Resource Group (ORG) has final approval of each form submission, and has the ability to deny a submission if they deem it does not apply to RSOs. All submission decisions will be emailed to the contact person provided in the form within 1-2 weeks after submission.

All inquiries should be directed toward studentorgs@missouri.edu.

Additional instructions for the previous question. If a university employee/student, please use your MU Email Address.

Additional instructions for the previous question.  Remember! The ORG Newsletter is designed for student organization leaders to learn about pertinent organization deadlines and resources that will aid them in their management of student organizations. How does this opportunity align with this goal?

Additional instructions for the previous question. What is typed in this box, will be included verbatim in ORG's newsletter(s).

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