The Missouri Debate Union was founded in 2020 by Aravind Kalathil, Paul Odu and Luke Pittman with heavy inspiration from the Oxford Debate Union. It has since grown from a small start up organization to one with a dedicated following with monthly events ranging from student debates to social gatherings and become strongly affiliated with the Kinder Institute of Constitutional Democracy.

Executive Board History

School Year Director of Programming Director of Outreach Finance Chair Logistics Chair Social Chair General Secretary
2023/2024 Gwen Blevins Jaden Reed Ben Baumgart Madina Band Ali Aidan Pittman Trey Trapini
2022/2023 Paul Odu/Aravind Kalathil* Luke Pittman Kyler Richard Aravind Kalathil/Gwen Blevins* Jaden Reed Brendan Spicer
2021/2022 Paul Odu Luke Pittman McKinley Hopkins Aravind Kalathil Claire Wilkins N/A†
2020/2021 Paul Odu Luke Pittman N/A† N/A† Aravind Kalathil N/A†

*Kalathil became Director of Programming for the remainder of the 2022/2023 school year following Odu's graduation in December 2022. Blevins took over as Logistics Chair at the same time.

†Position not yet established.