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About SigEp

The Missouri Alpha Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon strives to consistently produce men of character who exemplify our cardinal principles of Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love while positively impacting those around them. The chapter is committed to offering an inclusive community for brothers to develop themselves and learn what it means to truly live a balanced life. SigEp is proud to be the recipient of a 2023 Buchanan Cup Award, and Mizzou IFC's 2023 Overall Excellence Award.









What we do?

In the 1990s, SigEp built the Balanced Man Program, a 4-year continuous development program that replaces pledgeship and eliminates any opportunity for hazing. SigEp also boasts a Substance-free facility. This makes 405 Kentucky Blvd a place that everyone is welcome, brothers are comfortable living in, and productivity and work can happen. SigEp has a strong focus on academic excellence, and we have programs such as the Fantasy Academic Draft that help our members achieve their academic goals. Finally, SigEp is confident that the relationships within our brotherhood are among the strongest on campus. We are selective in our bid extension process and take time to ensure that every member we extend a bid to is aware of the values and ideals of SigEp.

Our Team

Dave Nieters Profile

Dave Nieters

Balanced Man Scholarship Chairman
Kevin Coughlin Profile

Kevin Coughlin

Brenden Pauls Profile

Brenden Pauls

Vice President of Recruitment
Ethan Gonzalez Profile

Ethan Gonzalez

Vice President of SigEp Learning Community
Justin Ward Profile

Justin Ward

Risk Manager
Drew Crossen Profile

Drew Crossen

Vice President of Member Development
Chris Strathman Profile

Chris Strathman

House Manager
Thomas Willerth Profile

Thomas Willerth

Ryan Janson Profile

Ryan Janson

Vice President of Finance
Jack Shaughnessy Profile

Jack Shaughnessy

Vice President of Communications
Evan Gresham Profile

Evan Gresham

Wyatt Carlson Profile

Wyatt Carlson

Chapter President
Quinn Wyly Profile

Quinn Wyly

Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Chairman


Sigma Phi Epsilon

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